Pinco Pallino | Experiencie, Security and Innovation

Pinco Pallino, created in 1998, has developed several projects involving the management and the construction of new hotels, shops, other installations, and has acted as a hotel management adviser on both new projects and hotels in operation. Since 2006, we have worked on the opening and restructuring of several hotel operations in Europe, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain; and we are now expanding further within Eastern Europe, to the hospitality markets in Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Pinco Pallino specializes in rescuing operating hotel which have negative results, by devising a whole or partial reorganization and changing completely the negative direction of a failing hotel into a positive profit return for the owners or investors. We are a young and experienced professional team of specialists in sales and operations structure and management with a strong working capital. Innovation, personalized work and precision are our best guarantee. In recent years Pinco Pallino has made several investments into its projects, concentrated on the investigation and application of the latest innovations in technologies relevant to the hospitality industry, including products and materials for hotel operations which can make a hotel uniquely appealing and successful. We have established professional connections with several of the most modern and innovative companies in Europe, and the available products are being implemented in current and future projects.

The “top technologies” are selected and implemented by our in-house tech specialists with the aim of promoting the highest energy and operational efficiency which also caters to and does not undermine the supreme goal of guest satisfaction. Pinco Pallino boasts maintenance efficiency specialists and global certifications providers.