Fantastic economic benefits!!!. The amount of money generated for the property by these systems is very important and directly affects the operating account reflected in all large bill ítems and deposits. From energy savings and maintenance, publicity and advertising, marketing, optimization of staff and processes….aiming to optimize returns!

– Air-conditioning. Electricity. Water… – Control, optimal temperature and comfort, anticipation, of guests’ needs, environmental awareness.

Lighting: Efficient lighting control in rooms and common areas increases guest satisfaction and comfort and allows electricity savings. Domotic controls all types of light fittings: LED’s, Halogens, fluorescent, and chromatic. Bathroom lights, bedroom lights, hall lights, and movement sensor lights are all turned on automatically. Opening and closing of blinds, curtains, awnings, …All are operated according to relevant needs by the guests inside their rooms and from other points like reception areas, etc.

Air-conditioning: A/C is turned on only when necessary, resulting in energy savings for all types of room, common areas, etc… Its activation can be managed remotely before the client arrives from the designated areas (e.g., from the lobby or as otherwise programmed) order to achieve the desired temperature and maximum level of comfort for the duration of the stay. The air-conditioning can be futher controlled from reception or other areas to preclude overuse. The air-conditioning will stop automatically when windows are opened and will change to low-power mode when guests are not present in their room. There are also many other functions.

Water (ACS). The most innovative digital systems are implemented to facilitate the optimum temperature and power of water for use by the guests.… Comfortable, intuitive, and easy to use and with excellent energy savings.

– Records all energy usage and all parameters.

– Remote operation and immediate communication of incidents, problems, etc…

We invite you to consult with us about your needs and your wishes—we will help you achieve them.