Fantastic economic benefits!!!. The amount of money generated for the property by these systems is very important and directly affects the operating account reflected in all large bill ítems and deposits. From energy savings and maintenance, publicity and advertising, marketing, optimization of staff and processes….aiming to optimize returns!

Communication with all hotel staff is possible through Domitics regarding the status of the rooms and the guests needs:  whether for cleaning of bedrooms, problems, requests, staff “don’t disturb” status, etc. Information communicated directly via tablet or on-line in real time. All internal operative processes function quickly and communication becomes more efficient and effortless  between the housekeeping department, the reception, the technical support maintenance, waiters, marketing and sales, and most importantly, the management. In short, all internal departments can be more effectively coordinated.

It saves an enormous amounts of money and time in both communication and record-keeping, improves efficiency and productivity in both areas and above all, customer service, as waiting times and foreseeing their needs are immediate. As well as many other functions, Domotics also affords the following miscellaneous needs:

– Automatic control of the minibar.
– Control of guest access and registration.
– Control of permission given to staff with a clear definition of levels concerning access of staff to bedrooms for cleaning, maintenance, and more.
– Activation of hotel services or installations directly from the client’s device.
– Television remote control, channels, noticeboard, messages on the television or client’s device.
  Detection of technical alarms and medical alarms easily available by simple extension of software and hardware.
– Generation of access through mobile phone application (coming soon) or access cards from reception for staff and clients.
– Auto check-in: recommended for facilities that don’t require reception staff, such as hostels, guesthouses, or small properties or with special features that require it (available for example through Ariane interface).
– And much much more…

We invite you to consult with us about your needs and your wishes—we will help you achieve them.