Conferences & Banqueting Solutions

Pinco Pallino was founded in 1998 and developed several projects involved in the hotel management and the construction of new hotels, and other installations, as advice for proyect.

Since the 2006 Pinco Pallino have participate with your staff in the pre opening, opening and restructuring of several hotel installations in Europe, especially in Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain with expansion in the east Europe countries and the ambition to increase your projects and collaborations of expansion abroad.

In recent years Pinco Pallino have made all investments, concentrate in the investigation and application of the last Innovations technologies. Products and materials for the hotel installations that make them unique. Pinco Pallino are in connection with the most modern and innovative companies, and your products are selected, and being implemented in actual and future projects, as key master.

The “top number one technologies,” are implemented from the Technical Development Department of Pinco Pallino to assure the highest energetic and operative efficiency, so as the Excellence in the guest satisfaction assurance.

Maintenance efficiency specialist. Global certifications providers.

Pinco Pallino it’s specialist also, in the rescue of hotel installations that have negative results, making a total reorganization and changing completely the direction, into the way of the positive return for the owners or investors.