What is it?
The term ‘Domótica’ or Domotics comes from joining the words domus (which means ‘house’ in Latin) and tica (which is a Greek word meaning ‘works on its own’). Domotic is ‘a set of systems capable of automating a residential property, hotel, apartment, building…to provide security services, energy management, and communication in an integrated manner.

Pincopallino develops the integration of technology in the intelligent design of multiple environments applicable to our hotels, residences, apartments, buildings, shops, and so on.The Domotic product seeks to be at the forefront of the sector and anticipate client demands. It offers extra value which achieves an excellent quality service and comfort for the guest during their stay and provides efficient management of energy and human resources.

The Domotic system ensures the restriction and control of access and activation of services within the hotel or property. The automation of the system results in an increase in energy efficiency of the hotel, a more personalized service for the guests and better management control.

We invite you to consult with us about your needs and your wishes—we will help you achieve them.