Innovation is in direct connection whit our company concept, applied in order to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers. We help to create and implement revolutionary innovations.
1. It depends on the original project that we can set up the property evolution into many incremental advances in technology or processes.
2. Other way are innovation implementing since the beginning where the risk-taking for the organization it’s low because they create the access to new product and markets from the construction. This is the case for the hotels or installations “new opening” profile or total buildings renovation. We can make total new installations since the pilot room, by floors or areas.

Our company can advice and prepare a decision maker plan to all the properties for modern technological implementation.

It is part of our company philosophy to apply as soon as possible ultimate innovation systems that provide strong benefits in a short period of time and part of the future coming.


The investment in technological hotel renovations provide the highest results in all the strategical sections of the business as:

1. The guarantee of Economical and Guest Satisfaction Assurance Benefits; Investment translate in the creation of a Value for which customers will pay and that make our products different of all the competitors in the market and more profitable.
2. Energetic efficiency, with direct repercussion in the costs control and the results. An excellent return of investing in energy and implementing of ecological skills.
3. Operative efficiency; all internal processes develop speed and clear for the staff and for the customer providing a new service level in the hospitality.
4. Value for Money; represent the excellent match of the final value from customer service expectations against the price paid for it. The innovation surprise and make more easy and comfortable the stay. Customer satisfaction is highest.