Innovation is directly related to our business concept, and is implemented with the objective of satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients. We help to create and implement evolutionary and revolutionary innovations.

1. Evolve!. We examine and configure the development of the client’s current systems and implement the relevant cutting-edge technological advances in accordance with the client’s needs. Sections, floors, and areas of the property can all be inspected. We improve processes and increase profit. We present our analysis of the situation and propose a solution specific to the client’s requirements.

… You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover the cost involved compared to the economic return that it can bring!

2. Construction or complete renovation. Hotels, residential housing, shopping centres, offices, and any other new building or reconstruction. We manage and oversee the design and construction and other areas… ‘Turnkey’ projects that go from technological installation and construction, through to maintenance. The investment in construction is extremely low for the organisation.

We go one step further! Working at the forefront of I+D+i with the latest scientific developments in applications, both technological and social, together with information and communication technology.

Pincopallino works hard to bring advanced technology to hundreds of independent hotels, apartments, and other tourism-related properties and allows them to compete effectively with big companies and the rest of the sector. In an ambitious and ever-changing industry, strongly linked to technology and communications, in which clients tirelessly demand changes adapted to an ever changing future, we position all our hotels and construction projects at the forefront of innovation. We provide excellent service and economic and operative efficiency.

In such a dynamic market ‘It is the one that is most adaptable to change’ that will survive (Charles Darwin).

We address all your needs with ‘Turnkey projects’…

We invite you to consult with us about your needs and your wishes—we will help you achieve them.