Revenue set up and development in strategic sales segments

One of the best ways to accelerate revenue growth is to focus sales efforts on the right customers – the ones with the greatest potential for more business. Market segmentation and customer segmentation are standard practice for seasoned revenue leaders. Strategies are built to exploit market segments where the company has the best opportunity to win.
However, this approach to segmentation is usually not granular enough. To truly accelerate revenue growth, Marketing and Sales leaders require micro-segmentation.

Hotel market segmentation :

BAR Website – Best Available Rate sold throught the website
BAR Direct – Best Available Rate sold direct by phone, email, fax
BAR Indirect Commissionable  – Best Available Rate sold trough commissionable online travel agencies
BAR Indirect Net – Best Available Rate sold trough net rate online travel agencies
Opaque; hidden hotel discount programs
Flash Sales; promotional website offering membership discounts
Mobile; mobile websites offering sameday or lastminute discounts
Online Campaigns; internet publication offers and packages
Offline campaigns; print publication offers and packages
Special Event; packages and offers during holidays, festivals, concerts
Negotiated Rates
Corporate Dynamic Rates
Corpororate Flat Rates
Conference / Banquet
Tour Operators

The above segmentation is a general guideline. You may find that for your hotel teher are other segments which are not included, or a simpler segmentatioin would be more applicable. Each hotel has to decide what segmentation best fits their market and property.